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Free to play
Online scores rankings
Pure platforming action
Unique end world bosses
More than 60 different levels
Real 3D graphics
Suitable for adults and children
Guaranteed fun!


(OKY on Uptodown not available yet)

Sixty-five million years ago…

a catastrophic event changed the course of life on the Earth.

A meteor impact ? A glacial era?

An alien invasion!!!

OKY is an adorable puppy tyrannosaurus (and do not call it a little dragon!) just out of its egg and he will be the only one can save the Earth from alien invasion!

You will face more than 60 unique levels in the most classic platform styles, with moving platforms, pitfalls placed by aliens, doors to open … powerups to pick up and many more things to discover.
Are you ready to face the end bosses of every era?
Move over time through the portals and helps OKY to find her mom!